Farro Cicchetti – Il Farro D'Oro

The CICCHETTI s.n.c.

The Cicchetti snc agricultural company Giulio Cicchetti was founded in 1995 as an organic company with the cultivation, processing and sale of spelled and lentils.

In 1996 the production is moved to a real factory even if the sale is limited to the surrounding shops and the processing does not go beyond the farro sgusciato e spezzato.

In the following years, thanks to the excellent quality of the products, there was a slow but progressive demand for spelled which led to the expansion of production, maintaining its high quality, using specific machinery for processing spelled and introducing new products including pearl, puffed spelled, spelled flour and semolina sold in vacuum packs and began exporting products also outside the region and abroad.

The greatest success comes in 2000 with spelled cakes which are judged by customers to be better and tastier than rice cakes.
The chaff, obtained from the spelled cleaning process, until recently, was discarded and used as feed for animal husbandry. In 2006, seat covers padded with spelled husks were produced, achieving considerable success in the pillow and mattress market and winning a prestigious national award, the Oscar Green, for product innovation in agriculture.

The company bases its production above all on high quality products; is actively committed to the recognition of DOP for spelled and was among the promoters for the establishment of the Association of Spelled from Monteleone di Spoleto of which he is one of the most active members of the Board.