Azienda Cicchetti

FARM CICCHETTI GIULIO & C snc. Ruscio di Monteleone di Spoleto (PG)

Cultivation and production of emmer and lentils.

The farm Cicchetti snc retains the local tradition of a small mountain town where  the knowledge and techniques of emmer cultivation has been  the generations from father to son.

The society of Giulio Cicchetti and, his sister-in-law, Roberta Gervasoni, started its activities in 1995 as an organic farm growing and processing both emmer and lentils.

They began to export products  outside the region and abroad. The biggest accolade was received in in 2000 when the company’s  emmer biscuits were judged by customers to be even better and tastier than rice biscuits!

Chaff, a by-product of cleaning emmer, was until relatively recently discarded or used. In 2006 the partners began to produce  seat covers padded with emmer chaff, and reported considerable success within the business community especially with their bedding lines i.e. pillows and mattress.  The company went on to  win the prestigious national prize, the “Oscar Green”,for  innovation of agricultural products

The company is focused on ensuring the business continues to provide products of the highest quality; it is actively committed to the recognition of the DOP label for emmer and is was one of the promoters of the constitution of the Association of emmer of Monteleone di Spoleto. Currently it is one of the most active members of the Cuncil of the Association.

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