Emmer, locally known as “farre”, is a hardy plant, suited to poor soils and mainly cultivated in mountain areas, enduring long and harsh winters. The only location in  Umbria where this particular plant is still cultivated is Monteleone di Spoleto.

Traces of Triticum Dicoccum (emmer of Monteleone) have been found both in some Egyptian graves prior to the dynastic period, and also  in Aquileia, Italy  (Bronze Age).

Emmer was the basis of “Plus”, a type of cereal soup  for Greeks and Romans; it was an important part of the  Roman army’s provisions.

The CICCHETTI farm is one of the biggest emmer producers, using methods of organic farming at the very beginning of the crop’s cultivation..

The Company is located in the green and luxuriant valley of Monteleone di Spoleto where, in an area of approximately 600 square feet,  with an 80 ton yield per annum, and later distributed throughout Italy and exported abroad.

All these characteristics form the foundation for providing the very best quality produce to discerning  customers who are becoming ever more interested in  organic produce.


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